This section contains various databases, lists, and sources gleaned from the Inspirationist Archive collections. The databases are works in progress and are intended to provide a basis for further research. The information contained in them suggests the depth and breadth of possible research topics pertaining to the 18th century Inspirationist Gemeinden. It also suggests that Community membership was more extensive, enduring, and vibrant throughout the century than how it is usually characterized in scholarly accounts.

Namen Register

The Namen Register is a working list of members of the Community of True Inspiration who are represented in the various documents in the Inspirationist Archive collections. We list the names alphabetically, with a town location reference (if known), and note the general type of document(s) where the name appears. The timeframe of the register is from the origins of the community in 1714 through the end of the 18th century. For the most part, the individuals listed are adult members of the community. The list currently includes nearly 1,200 members.

Unterredung Register

The Underredung Register database lists names of individuals who participated in the Community Unterredungen (also called Untersuchungen) sessions in different Gemeinden, mostly in the Ysenburg region, in the period 1743-1778. Unterredungen/Untersuchungen are spiritual examinations of Gemeinde members, usually conducted by Werkzeuge and Elders of a Gemeinde. The Unterredung Register, is compiled primarily from manuscript accounts recorded at the time by Paul Giesebert Nagel. Some of these were copied later in the 19th century by Gottlieb Scheuner and others.

Letzte Stunden and Todes Berichte

Letzte Stunden (Last Hours) and Todes Berichte (Death Reports) are a main genre of Inspirationist literature. This database lists known accounts of individuals, including date, location, author of the account, and where the account can be found in manuscript and/or published sources.