Printed Books

The Inspirationists and Print Media

Throughout its three hundred year history the Community of True Inspiration has used print media to connect its members and communicate with non-members. Just a few months after their first prayer meeting in the house of E.L. Gruber in November 1714, the Inspirationists published responses to their critics. Soon thereafter they began an extensive publication effort that focused primarily on bringing the inspired testimonies “into the light” (ans Licht gestelt), but also included Inspirationist poetry and hymns. The list of Inspirationist publications in the 18th century surpasses 120 works.

Many of the Inspirationist works are anonymous, with little publication information.  Nevertheless, we are able to confidently identify certain eighteenth- and early-nineteenth-century publications in Germany as “Inspirationist.” The most obvious of course are the printed collections of inspired testimonies of recognized Werkzeuge (instruments) of the community. In the eighteenth century those consisted of four main individuals: Johann Friedrich Rock, Johann Adam Gruber, Johann Carl Gleim, and Ursula Meyer. (It should be noted that testimonies through another dozen individuals exist in manuscript, but were never printed.) Then there are the works authored by, edited by, or compiled by a member of the community: E. L. Gruber, Paul Giesebert Nagel, and Jonas Wickmark primarily. In the case of some works by Johann Adam Gruber, we can add authored by a former member and friend of the community.

Inspirationist publications both in Germany and later in America served to create a “community memory” and a united membership. Another motivation for the publications was the edification of the members of the community. This effort was directed toward the younger members of the community as well as the adults. It is not uncommon to find a youth publication that mirrored that for the adults (e.g., catechism and hymnal). The Inspirationists printed editions of well-known authors Thomas à Kempis and John Bunyan as well as works by relatively obscure writers such as Augustin Fuhrman and Heinrich von Nürnberg. However, the main literary genres represented are unique to them: 1) inspired testimonies, 2) songs and poetry, and 3) last hours of members. A fourth genre is added in communal Amana: children’s schoolbooks.

For a complete bibliography of Inspirationist publications see An Annotated Bibliography of Inspirationist Publications in Germany and America, 1715-2013, Richard Couper Press, 2017.

Digital Versions of Inspirationist Books

In recent years several organizations have digitized several Inspirationist printed books that are in the public domain (books published prior to 1922 are not subject to copyright and are considered to be “in the public domain”).

The table below contains 18th Century Inspirationist books that have been digitized and are available for download.

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TitleWerkzeug or authorYear PublishedDigitized By
Unterschiedliche Erfahrungs=volle Zeugnisse1715Universität Tübingen
Historische Umstände1715Universität Tübingen
Nöthiges und nützliches Gespräch von der Wahren und Falschen InspirationE.L. Gruber (author)1716Google Books
Abfertigung Einer Brehmischen Lügen= und Läster=Schrift...E.L. Gruber (author)1717Inspirationist Archivists
Buß= Weck= und Warnungs=StimmeJohann Adam Gruber (Werkzeug)1718Google Books
Das Gebet des HErrn Nebst der Göttlichen Antwort daraufJohann Adam Gruber (Werkzeug)1718Bayrischer StaatsBibliothek/ Münchener DigitalizierungsZentrum
Wohl und Weh
Johann Friedrich Rock (Werkzeug)1719Inspirationist Archivists
Die Schule der WeisheitJohann Paul Bursch (author)1748Inspirationist Archivists
Das Geschrey zur MitternachtJohann Carl Gleim (Werkzeug)1758 (1st Ed. 1715)Inspirationist Archivists
Kurze Historie der Inspirirten und Inspirations=Gemeinden I
P.G. Nagel (author)1772Inspirationist Archivists
Davidisches Psalter=Spiel1775 (1st Ed. 1718)Google Books
Kurze Historie der so genannten Inspirirten und Inspirations=Gemeinden IIP.G. Nagel (author)1776Inspirationist Archivists
Sammlungen...Letzte Lebens Stunden1780Inspirationist Archivists
Ein Himmlischer AbendscheinUrsula Meyer (Werkzeug)1781Inspirationist Archivists
Von dem ersten Zustand des MenschenJohann Carl Gleim (Werkzeug)1804 (1st Ed. 1725)Google Books
Denkmal der FreundschaftJohann P. Wiltz (editor)1808Inspirationist Archivists