• The table below contains links to English translations of selected 18th-century Inspirationist published writings. Click the title to view or download the document.
  • English translations of testimonies (Zeugnisse) are contained in the Amana Church Society Register of Translated Testimonies.
TitleAuthorYear PublishedTranslator
1.On Divine InspirationE.L. Gruber1715Janet W. Zuber
2.Principles of True and Universal LoveE.L. Gruber1719Janet W. Zuber
3.On the Divinity of True InspirationJ.A. Gruber1782Janet W. Zuber
4.Twenty-one Rules for Daily ExaminationE.L. Gruber1822Janet W. Zuber
E.L. Gruber BiographyAnonymous1875Janet W. Zuber
6.Inspirations-Historie 1 (1714-1728)Gottlieb Scheuner 1884Janet W. Zuber
7. The Humble Way (J.F. Rock Autobiography)

Johann F. Rock1884Janet W. Zuber